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Congress & Israel

For decades, the State of Israel has been able to rely on strong support and encouragement from both houses of the Congress of the United States. From Congressional votes on key issues such as recognition of a unilaterally declared Palestinian state or military aid to Israel to letters personally submitted by congressmen to the President or other government authorities to urge continued support for Israel and fighting terrorism, Congress has consistently lent a steadfast hand to Israel - both in times of peace and at times of war. Listed here are the major votes and letters dealing with Israel and America's interests in the Middle East, separated by congressional house.

State-to-States Agreements

The United States-Israel relationship extends beyond only the national level and incorporates collaboration and coordination on the state level as well. In 2012, at least thirty-three (33) states and the District of Columbia had either established bilateral organizations with various branches of government in Israel or had signed formal agreements with the Jewish state. The various bilateral organizations include chambers of commerce - organizations that seek to incorporate Israeli businesses and develop innovative technologies to bolster the economy of individual states - as well as technology collaboratives and university-based research institutes. Formal agreements and memoranda of understanding include everything from promoting tourism to improving trade relations to exchanging scientists at research institutes. Listed here are general summaries of each state‘s formal agreements with Israel. Click on any state for a more detailed listing of their cooperation with Israel.

Binational Foundations

American and Israeli cooperation extends far beyond foreign aid and military collaboration. For more than forty years, the two nations have facilitated the collaboration of their brightest minds on hundreds of different innovative scientific, business and agricutlural projects. Working together, researchers and developers in the two nations have been able to create inventions and new techniques that would have been impossible for either to discover independently. These developments have led to the creation of thousands of jobs, millions of dollars in revenue and, on a far greater scale, have led to improvements in medicine and other areas that directly save lives. Listed here is summarized information on the these binational foundations; more in-depth analysis on each foundation in addition to external links and updated data on ongoing projects can be found in separate articles by clicking the links in each paragraph.

Strategic & Military Cooperation

Since its establishment as a state, the reality of life in Israel has forced the small nation to defend itself against constant existential threats. As a result, Israel has become a world leader in designing techniques and technologies for many strategic and military arenas, including homeland security, counter-terrorism and aerial warfare among others. Allied with the United States, the world's lone superpower, Israel has been able to bolster its qualitative military advantage while also providing unequaled support and training for America's armed forces. Israel and the United States work together to develop training techniques, superior technology and innovative equipment that will lead each nation to protect their homelands and safeguard their citizens to the best of their ability. The two countries work together in counter-terrrosim, aviation and border security, cyber defense, bioterrorism, missile defense and other areas.

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