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For decades, the State of Israel has been able to rely on strong support and encouragement from both houses of the Congress of the United States.

From Congressional votes on key issues such as recognition of a unilaterally declared Palestinian state or military aid to Israel to letters personally submitted by congressmen to the President or other government authorities to urge continued support for Israel and fighting terrorism, Congress has consistently lent a steadfast hand to Israel - both in times of peace and at times of war.

Listed below are the major votes and letters dealing with Israel and America's interests in the Middle East, separated by congressional house.


Letter - Urging Obama to Reaffirm Committment to Israel (March 2013)
Letter - Urging Obama to Maintain Pressure on Iran (December 2012)
S.3264E - Iran Freedom & Non-Proliferation Act (November 2012)
S. 599 - Support for Israel's Right to Self-Defense (November 2012)
SJ. 41 - Regarding the Iranian Nuclear Program (September 2012)
S. 2165 - US-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act (June 2012)
S.504 - Support Moment of Silence at 2012 Olympics (June 2012)
S. 2101 - Iran Sanctions & Accountability Act (May 2012)
Letter - Urging President Obama to Take Tougher Stance Against Syria (August 2011)
Letter - Urging President Obama to Sanction Iran (August 2011)
S. 185 - Opposing Unilateral Declaration of Palestinian Statehood (June 2011)
S. 138 - Calling on UN to Rescind Goldstone Report on Operation Cast Lead (April 2011)
Letter - Recommending the U.S. Fully Honor Committment to Israel (April 2011)
Letter - Urging Administration to Press Palestinian Authority on Incitement (March 2011)
Letter- Urging President Obama to Press President Abbas on Peace Process (September 2010)
Letter - Affirming Israel's Right to Self-Defense Following Gaza Flotilla Incident (June 2010)
Letter - Underscoring US-Israel Relationship (April 2010)
Letter - Pressing President Obama on Arab Role in Peace Process (August 2009)
Letter - Peace Principles Towards the Arab-Israeli Conflict (May 2009)
S. 10 - Supporting Israel in its War Against Hamas (January 2009)
Letter - Supporting Israel's Quest for Peace (June 2008)
S. 522 - Recognizing Israel's 60th Birthday (April 2008)
S. 534 - Condemning Hezbollah & Hamas, Supporting Israeli Self-Defense (July 2006)
S. 2370 - Palestinian Anti-Terrorism Act (June 2006)
Letter - Urging President to Oppose Hamas Participation in PA Elections (December 2005)
S. 2292 - Global Anti-Semitism Review Act (October 2004)
S. 247 - Expressing Solidarity with Israel (May 2002)

House of Representatives

Letter - Urging Crackdown on Iran Evasion of Sanctions (March 2013)
HR. 4310 - Defense Authorization Act for 2013 (January 2013)
HR. 813 - Supporting Israel's Right to Self-Defense (November 2012)
HR. 4133 - US-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation (May 2012)
H.R. 2105 - Iran, North Korea & Syria Nonproliferation Reform Act (December 2011)
Letter - Calling on President Obama to Tighten Sanctions on Syria (August 2011)
H.R. 268 - Committment to Negotiated Settlement of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (July 2011)
Letter - Supporting Continued Aid to Israel and the Palestinian Authority (March 2011)
Letter - Urging U.S. to Stress Importance of Egyptian Peace Treaty With Israel (March 2011)
H.R. 1765 - Opposing Unilateral Declaration of Palestinian State (December 2010)
Letter - Affirming Israel's Right to Self-Defense Following Gaza Flotilla Incident (June 2010)
H.R. 867 - Condemning Goldstone Report on Israel's Operation Cast Lead (November 2009)
Letter - Peace Principles Towards the Arab-Israeli Conflict (May 2009)
H.R. 34 - Supporting Israel's Right of Defense Against Terrorism from Gaza (January 2009)
H.R. 2761 - Terrorism Risk Insurance and Revision Act (September 2007)
H.R. 4939 - Prohibiting Assistance to the Palestinian Authority (June 2006)
Letter - Calling On UN Secretary-General to Fight Anti-Semitism Worldwide (August 2005)
H.R. 1828 - Syria Accountability and Lebanese Sovereignty Restoration Act (2003)
H.R. 1646 - Clearer Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital (September 2002)
H.R. 392 - Expressing Solidarity with Israel (May 2002)
H.R. 5272 - Peace Through Negotiations Act (September 2000)