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Strategic & Military Cooperation


Since its establishment as a state, the reality of life in Israel has forced the small nation to defend itself against constant existential threats. As a result, Israel has become a world leader in designing techniques and technologies for many strategic and military arenas, including homeland security, counter-terrorism and aerial warfare among others. Allied with the United States, the world's lone superpower, Israel has been able to bolster its qualitative military advantage while also providing unequaled support and training for America's armed forces.

Israel and the United States work together to develop training techniques, superior technology and innovative equipment that will lead each nation to protect their homelands and safeguard their citizens to the best of their ability. The two countries work together in counter-terrrosim, aviation and border security, cyber defense, bioterrorism, missile defense and other areas.

Joint cooperation between the U.S. and Israel extends to include intelligence sharing in addition to technology development and troop training. Also, because of its strategic location and its unquestionable reliability as an ally, the U.S. has found Israel to be an ideal place for training, maintenance, and prepositioning of material and supplies.

Joint Training & Programming

The United States sends thousands of soldiers each year to train with Israeli forces and learn from their experience in urban warfare and counter-terrorism. These training programs have included ground-based infantry training at Israel's various modern counter-terrorism centers as well as computer-based battle simulations for naval, air and search & rescue forces.

- "Austere Challenge" Joint Aerial Defense Drill

- "Reliant Mermaid" Search & Rescue Joint Training

- Police Counter-Terrorism Training

- "Juniper Cobra" Joint Air Training Maneuvers

- "Juniper Falcon" Joint Computer-based Battle Simulation

- "Kaya Green" Joint Infantry Assualt Training

- Joint Homeland Security Training

Israeli Contributions to the US

In the United States, Israeli innovation has helped the American government both decrease its own military spending while also minimizing casualties and maximizing security for U.S. military personnel both at home and overseas. Israeli weapon systems such as tactical air drones, unmanned vehicles and planes, navigation and targeting systems and assualt rifles and grenades are currently employed by various levels of American armed forces across the world.

- Israeli Weapons Systems Employed by the U.S.

- NYPD Opens Israel Branch to Maintain Close Cooperation (2012)

- Israeli-Unique Systems to be Developed in F-35 Fighter Jet (2012)

- Israeli Advanced Armor Systems Protect U.S. Soldiers (2012)

- Rafael Signs Anti-terror Gun-Station Deal with U.S. (2004)

- Israel Aids U.S. Campaign in Iraq (2003-2004)

- Israeli UAV Drones Give Support to Kosovo Operation (1999)

- Israel's Contribution to the Gulf War (1991)

- Israel to Share Lessons of Lebanon War with U.S. (1983)

U.S. Military Contributions to Israel

For Israel, its strategic alliance with the United States has enabled it to maintain a qualitative advantage over its adversaries in the Middle East while providing its soldiers with state-of-the-art weaponary. America has supported the development of systems such as the Iron Dome, the first successfully used anti-missile system in the world, that Israel employs in the south to protect its cities from the onslaught of rockets fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza. The United States has also provided Israel with F-16 fighter planes to equip the Israeli Air Force and it also maintains an emergency weapons stockpile for Israel in the case of another large-scale regional war.

- Iron Dome Missile Shield

- Arrow Anti-Missile Program

- $450 Million Defense Bill for Projects with Israel (2007)

- U.S. Emergency Weapons Stockpile for Israel (2006)

- Israel Buys $600M Worth of Air Force Equipment from U.S. (2005)

- Israel Receives New F-16I Fighters (2004)

- Congress Approves Joint U.S.-Military Programs (2004)

- U.S. to Sell Smart Bombs, Armored Vehicles To Israel (2004)

- U.S. Gives Israel System to Detect Missiles (2002)

- U.S. to Build Training Base for IDF (2001)

- U.S. to Sell Israel Munitions (1999)

- $5 Billion Plane Package For Israel (1998)

- U.S. Arms Sales Policy: Carter Administration (1977)

Memoranda, Agreements & Accords

MOU For Foreign Assistance (2007)

MOU For Homeland Security (2007)

Defense Bill For Projects with Israel (2007)

Counterterrorism Group Formed (1999)

MOA For Security Cooperation (1998)

Naval Data Exchange Agreements (1998)

Interparliamentary Commission on National Security (1998)

Counterterrorism Cooperation Accord (1996)

MOU For Development of Remote-Pilot Vehicles (1988)

MOA For Security Cooperation (1988)

MOU For Development of Cobra Aircraft Systems (1987)

MOU For Production of Tactical Air Decoy (1985)

MOU For Strategic Cooperation (1981)

MOU for Foreign Assistance (1975)